Yanartaş (KHIMAIRA)

The legendary Chimaera is located just above Cirali, a wonder of nature where flames arise from the mountainside. According to ancient myth it is the resting place of the fire breathing, lion headed, goat bodied and snake tailed Chimaera. The story goes that the warrior Bellerophon, who fought alongside the Anatolians in Troy, was ordered to kill this monster by the king of Lycia. While our hero was resting on his way, he was visited by the goddess Athena. She advised him to capture the legendary winged horse Pegasus using a magical golden bit. Riding Pegasus through the sky, Bellerophon succeeded in killing the horrifying Chimaera with his spear. The strength of the impact sent the monster 7 layers underground and although it disappeared from sight the Chimaera’s flames continued to burn and can still be seen today.

The climb up to the Chimaera takes 30 minutes using a rough stone path and steps up the mountain. This mountain path may be reached by foot, bike or in the car of a local tour company. The best time to go there is right before sunset and you are advised to take a torch for your return journey. Torches can be rented at the gate and the entrance fee is 4 Turkish Lira.